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Behind the Scenes of Shark Tank India with Ubreathe

Shark Tank India X UBreathe BTS 🤘🏽

As I reflect on our recent Shark Tank episode, I can't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to showcase our work on such a big platform. However, what many viewers don't see is the amount of preparation and behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a successful Shark Tank appearance. Here are some of the things that happened leading up to my episode:

- Researching the Sharks: One of the most important things we did was research the Sharks who would be on the panel for our episode. We studied their investment backgrounds and business interests to determine who would be the best fit for our product.

- Perfecting the Pitch: We spent countless hours rehearsing and perfecting our pitch to ensure that it was clear, concise, and compelling. We also made sure to have a solid understanding of our numbers and projections so that we could answer any questions the Sharks had.

- Preparing the Product: We had to make sure our product was ready for the show. This included creating new packaging and making sure we had enough inventory to meet potential demand.

- Dressing for Success: We knew that our appearance on the show would be a big deal, so we made sure to dress in a way that was both professional and on-brand.

- Anticipating the Unexpected: We had to prepare for the possibility of anything happening during the show, including unexpected questions or challenges from the Sharks.

Overall, appearing on Shark Tank was an incredible experience, but it took a lot of hard work and preparation to make it a success. I'm proud of everything we accomplished leading up to the show, and I'm excited for all the things coming our way in the future.

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Inderjeet Rao
Inderjeet Rao
29 apr 2023

Best of luck to UBreathe team! You guys have picked a very important problem to solve. Just placed an order for ab ubreathe. Waiting to try it out.

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