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Launching the Ubreathe Wall!

Ubreathe, We did it! It is undoubtedly a 'EUREKA' moment when an idea you and your team have been working on takes the final shape of a product. For years, we have been researching upon sustainable approach to effectively tackle air pollutants in large indoor or semi-open spaces, which has been proven very ineffective for conventional air purification systems.

We present to you our latest technological advancement, Ubreathe Wall, a modular, wall mounted and HEPA-free air purifier for a semi-open areas(airports, metro-stations, malls etc.)with high population interaction. Plants have a unique natural ability to remove pollutants from the air. Ubreathe Wall magnifies the same to 15x. With inspiration from nature and research, we've engineered a solution scientifically proven to remove air pollutants faster than normal living walls. The modular design seamlessly multiplies to cover any size of the wall and effectively cater to air pollution for a large space.

The secret to Ubreathe Wall is a super efficient suction system & strategically designed air-flow pattern that moves a large volume of air through plants' root system, thus accelerating the natural process of bio-filtration. The active bio-filtration is further clubbed with our novel 'Rain-shower Technology' that mimics the wet deposition of air pollutants happening naturally during rainfall. We have implemented Ub Wall modules in the Guest house of the IIT Ropar to create a pollution-free 'Breathing Lounge' and take this opportunity to showcase the efficacy of their innovation to a larger mass and provide them with pure air to breathe. The Honourable Director of Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, Dr Rajeev Ahuja, and Project Director, TIH - AWaDH, Dr Pushpendra P. Singh, Dr Dhiraj Kumar Mahajan,Dr Suman Kumar & Preetinder Kaur Ma'am launched the Ubreathe Wall and the pilot project of the Guest house. #innovation #technology #research #design #sustainable #productlaunch #project #team #startup

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