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Leveraging Data Scientifically has Helped me Transition from Core Researcher to Creating Product

Jaipuria Institute of Management, thank you for having me as your guest speaker.

I had the pleasure of sharing my story on how leveraging data scientifically has helped me transition from being a core researcher to building products that our customers love.

As someone who likes to keep things super simple, I rely heavily on data collected from various sources like customer surveys, customer feedback, online reviews, and social media to achieve our core product objectives:

1. S-Class Value to the Customer

2. Best Customer Experience

3. A Step-ahead in Innovation

And here's a little secret recipe for success:

1. Define what good customer experience means for your product.

2. Integrate data into your product development process.

3. Use data to guide product design.

4. Continuously collect and analyze data.

It's as easy as baking a cake! (Okay, maybe not quite that easy, but you get the point.) I had a blast sharing my insights with the enthusiastic students and faculty members. You guys are awesome!

And a big shout out to Dr. Deepankar Chakrabarti, Dr Shailesh Pandey,PhD,Dr. Megha Jain, Dr Ajitabh Dash for organising the session. I had an amazing time and can't wait to come back and share more stories with you all.

Until then, keep calm and analyze on!

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