Ubreathe life

Ubreathe life harness the natural air purification method of plant supplemented with laws of physics.

It’s much more effective with a 5-layer filtration process. Ub life boost phytoremediation of the air purification happening through complex biological processes of plants.

Through the patent  filed Urban Munnar Effect & Breathing Roots Technology, Ubreathe life can effectively improve indoor air quality by removing particulate, gaseous and biological contaminants by the means of exponentially amplified purification through specific plants coupled with UV filtration and stack of pre-filter, charcoal filter and HEPA filter.


5-layer Filtration Process

Conceived with a 5-layer filtration process, its biological filtration covers the entire spectrum of indoor air quality by removing not only particulate pollution but also gaseous and biological contaminants, and improving the Oxygen levels.

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Breathing Roots' Technology

Ubreathe life uses its 'Breathing Roots' Technology (Patent filed) to boost the phytoremediation with the help of a centrifugal fan. It facilitates an increase in the volume of air at the soil-root zone, enabling the root microbiomes to interact with more air and purifying the same.


The Purification Power of over 500 plants

It’s like having a bit of Amazon Forest inside your home. We’re a restless lot. We don’t stop at good; we keep bettering it. Ubreathe life is breathing proof. We didn’t stop at ‘Breathing Roots’ Technology. We kept on adding passionately – Urban Munnar Effect, Falcon Effect, Magneto Effect, Dimpled Surface – to bestow Ubreathe life with a purification power equal to that of over 500 plants.