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Join the #CleanAirClub, a community designed for individuals who are passionate about improving their home's air quality. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts, share valuable tips, and exchange experiences on the journey to significantly enhance indoor air quality. As a member of this vibrant community, you'll find a supportive space to explore effective strategies and discover the latest innovations in

creating a healthier and purer living environment.


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Our Breathing Roots technology harnesses the natural air purification method of plants supplemented with the laws of physics.

UBreathe's unique design boosts the phytoremediation process of plants by ~500x with the help of a centrifugal fan. This increases the volume of air at the soil-root zone, enabling the root microbiomes to interact with more air and purifying the same.



filed in India around plant-based air purification



filed in Europe for Breathing roots tech

UNDP Accelerator for UBreathe and Urban Air Labs
Urban air Labs
UBreathe home air purifier in Delhi is recommended by senior faculty at AIIMS
NEXUS & American Centre for UBreathe home air purifier

Our Products for Respiratory Health

For your home or office...

UBreathe Life large home air purifier for indoor air pollution in India to improve aqi

uBreathe Life


The Perfect Gift - The Gift of Pure Air

UBreathe Mini Lite home air purifier in India front view

uBreathe Mini Lite

Mini post 9_edited.jpg

For your desk, personal space...

UBreathe Mini Classic small home air purifier for indoor air pollution in India to improve aqi

..for large halls, semi-open spaces

UBreathe Rain for improved air quality in India

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