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Air Quality Audits

Urban Air Solutions specialises in improving indoor air quality for all types of commercial and residential spaces.

Our team of experts will visit your space to create an AQI 50 strategy which ensures your space remains at 'healthy' air quality levels throughout the year. 

@ Urban Air Solutions

Pioneering Clean Air Solutions

Enhancing Air Quality through

Scientific Analysis and Innovative Solutions

AQI Audits

  • Utilize air monitors for a measurement survey

  • Identify AQI levels, specific pollutants, and ventilation parameters

  • Conduct required sampling and testing for a comprehensive understanding

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uBreathe Products

  • Offer a range of products and services

  • Ensure air quality meets US/EU standards

  • Create a safe environment for workers and employees

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Analyze machinery and air handling systems

  • Provide a detailed overview of areas for improvement

  • Optimize overall equipment effectiveness

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Minimize Wear & Tear

  • Reduction in Machinery Wear and Tear, Finished Goods

  • Manage air quality, humidity, and other factors

  • Minimize wear and tear for enhanced longevity of machinery and goods

Dashboard: IoT Monitors

  • Utilize IoT-enabled air monitors for real-time data

  • Display comprehensive data and analysis over time

  • Empower informed decision-making

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  • Become part of a community that believes in sustainable production & consumption with the #CleanAirClub

  • Enjoy various benefits of being part of the community.

by air wellness experts!

Get a complimentary air quality audit

Why Audit Your Space?

Our air quality audits for spaces in India utilize a unique combination of nature, innovation, and cutting-edge technology to improve air quality and promote a healthier environment. Trust us to provide you with the best solutions for your air quality needs.

Health and Well-being

Monitoring and assessing the AQI helps in understanding the potential health risks associated with poor air quality. This is particularly important for individuals with respiratory conditions, allergies, or other health concerns.

Resource Allocation

AQI audits help in allocating resources efficiently. By identifying specific sources of pollution, organizations can target interventions where they are most needed, optimizing the use of time and resources.

Cost Efficiency

Safeguarding business operations by addressing potential disruptions caused by poor air quality.

Identifying and addressing air quality issues can lead to long-term cost savings by preventing health-related absences and improving productivity.

Assess Efficiency

In indoor environments, poor air quality can affect the productivity and well-being of occupants. An AQI audit can identify indoor air quality issues and lead to improvements in ventilation and filtration systems.

Sustainable Workspaces

Office managers & planners can use AQI audits to inform strategies. Understanding air quality trends and hotspots helps in designing sustainable and healthy office environments.

Community Impact

Reducing the company's environmental footprint and contributing positively to the surrounding community.

  • Area-wise measurement of air quality in your premises is conducted by the Urban Air Solutions team. They will conduct this assessment to understand the level of pollutants present.

  • Analysis of levels of pollution in your premises is taken into consideration and reported. This helps us determine zones where peaks of pollutants exist and the extent of intervention required.

  • Our air quality experts will then state a preliminary list of equipment required at your premises to improve the AQI levels!

What is an Air Quality Audit?

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