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Clean Air Solutions for Businesses

Poor air quality can adversely affect health of workers and employees, majorly a source of headaches, fatigue and irritation in eyes, nose, throat and lungs. The pollutants responsible are invisible and odourless and hence cannot be perceived. Their effect on health is also delayed. Considerable wear-tear of equipment and machinery and decreased shelf life of certain products can also be attributed to poor air quality.

To follow suit, India is soon to receive regulatory compliances like the US and Europe.

We have a solution for you. 

The Invisible Problem

Why should we be concerned about AQI?

Poor air quality poses significant challenges for businesses. Workplace morale and satisfaction decline, impacting overall operational efficiency.


Operational disruptions may occur in industries sensitive to environmental conditions.

To mitigate these issues, companies invest in air quality monitoring, ventilation systems, and sustainable practices. Prioritizing environmental responsibility not only ensures compliance but also aligns with the growing demand for socially responsible and sustainable business practices.

Three Steps to Better AQI

At Urban Air Solutions,we follow a meticulous, three-step process.

We are a one-stop solution for improving the air quality of industries, offices and homes.




Area wise measurement of AQI, pollutants levels and their analysis to determine peaks and extent of intervention required.
Analyse the effectiveness of the equipment and machinery in place for all possible improvements

A wide array of products catering to specific pollutants. IOT enabled AQI monitors to gather real time data on PM2.5, TVOCs, humidity and other factors that affect air quality. Dedicated operations team for deployment and maintenance.

Our dashboard will enable you to monitor real time data of the air quality in your facility. The data will also be compiled into graphical reports that will help monitor and identify an issues with air quality over longer periods of time.

We will make all necessary changes to ensure the prime air quality.

Our Products

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