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Mother and a Child

Celebrate Mother's Day with our corporate gifting service! We offer bulk gifting options and air purifying planters that make perfect gifts for the special mothers in your company. These sustainably-made natural air purifiers will improve the AQI of your space while giving you the touch of nature you crave!

Mother's Day Corporate Gifting

uBreathe Corporate Gifting for Mother's Day

We understand the importance of showing appreciation to the mothers and women in your professional circle. What better way to express gratitude than with sustainable and health-conscious gifts from uBreathe?

Corporate Gifting with a Sustainable Touch

At uBreathe, we specialize in corporate gifting that aligns with your values of sustainability and wellness. Our range of air purifying planters combines the beauty of nature with the functionality of modern technology, making them perfect gifts for Mother's Day and beyond.

Benefits of uBreathe's Air Purifying Planters

Cleaner Indoor Air

Our planters use natural air purification processes to remove harmful pollutants, ensuring a healthier indoor environment. Did you know that a clean indoor environment can improve the wellbeing of mothers? A healthy AQI Is known to 


Stress Reduction

Studies show that indoor plants can reduce stress and improve mood, making them ideal gifts for busy professionals.


Sustainable Design

We prioritize eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, contributing to a greener planet.


Low Maintenance

Our planters are designed for easy care, making them suitable for any office or home setting.


Aesthetic Appeal

With a variety of plant options and stylish designs, our planters add a touch of greenery and elegance to any space.​

uBreathe air purifier for mothers day gift

as a Mother's Day Gift?


1. Customization

Personalize your uBreathe Mini Lite with engraving branded packaging and messages to make a lasting impression.


2. Bulk Orders for Mother's Day Gifting

We offer flexible options for bulk gifting, making it convenient for corporate clients.


3. Expert Support:

Our team of experts in air quality is here to assist you in selecting the perfect uBreathe product that aligns with your brand and recipients' preferences.

4. Positive Impact:

By choosing uBreathe, you support sustainable products and initiatives that promote a healthier lifestyle for your team or client! 

uBreathe mass bulk corporate gifting

Contact Us for
Corporate Gifting Solutions

Ready to elevate your corporate gifting experience with uBreathe? Contact us today to discuss your requirements,

customization options, and bulk pricing.

Let's make this Mother's Day memorable with gifts that promote well-being and sustainability.

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