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How Ubreathe uses technology to empower plants

Having plants around our home is beautiful. We feel a great deal of positivity when we have some freshness and greenery around us.

Turns out, it’s not just about feeling or looking good, but also about how our body interacts with plants, soil and the entire process of gardening. Seed, soil and sun are meant to be the three lovely S words for a better body and a better mind.

Scientists at Urban Air Labs have discovered a unique way to empower plants through technology. The Ubreathe original, was their first ever product to showcase the ability of a plant to deliver above par results when paired well with technology.

Since then, there has been no stopping for the #AirCrew that they call themselves.

Ubreathe follows the policy of “Make in India, for the world!” and it has been working!

Ubreathe Original is the first smart plant-based air purifier in the world, and maybe it’s time you added the newest product of the range to your smart-products collection?

Here’s where you can see the features of the all new Ubreathe Mini.

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