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Intern Speaks - Asha Dhanavath

Learnings from 2020

It seemed that the 2020 World Cup of God is going on with us and the first wicket came as COVID which jerked even after that the lockdown batsmen could not handle it.And we all were out!! At this stage I got out so quickly, the time was so wild.I could calculate that what was lost and gained in the whole life and where to go to some extent.My mind from all overthinking thoughts of deaths came back to the logical world and decided to-'Let's go with the flow',While the thunderous applause introduced us to lock-down, Dalgona Coffee, Homemade cakes, watching mythology,Evening tea sips and eating peanuts with all the family members made me very happy and where I can be able to meet again? Time was more and work was less, made me to focus on workouts and beauty hack tips thought of where I can see my transformation as soon I get back to the normal world. 2020, the Chinese year, is a full of convexious of emotions.It taught me a lot where I came to know-"people change,-Nobody stays same"and found some people kept standing with me after getting away in my difficult times."Never judge people"-

I realised what it really means in that situation.Learned to be Connected with the people,"Made everlasting friendship with never cheating books!!" In between got expert in scheduling and managing all my priorities equally and found great fun too.

Look upto in 2021

Once life starts running and running, where all the moments are able to get the feeling of living comfortably?I think Nope!!

Anyways, I am tired of falling but walking continuously.Finally,I have reached to that door where new change begins. Now, what kind of change it is, is gonna be told by this New Year's "time".And it all will decide whether the mistake was of the year 2020? or...or...don't know whose can be...!?Hey 2020,You had a special year, and I thought that I will never say goodbye to you but you have done me or after that I will say..."Finished, Tata, Good Bye, Gone!" I'm looking upto the best where I can use my time mostly in "learning"-the life with new lessons! Hoping for the "greatest glory which is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." So, as 2020's break cannot estimate our whole capability in achieving a breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea!

I Am eagerly looking to enlighten someone's life by putting my magical thoughts into twinkling efforts and making them true through creative actions!!!


Asha Dhanavath NIT Kurukshetra

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