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Is the air quality in mountains really higher than in the AQI in cities? Here's what we found!

Have you ever wondered if the air quality in mountains is genuinely better than that in cities? Well, here's your answer. I went to the mountains this year with an AQI monitor to celebrate the new year 2023, and this experiment is based on my own experience.

Have a look at the details!

Ubreathe AQI on the Hills compared

Numbers are only suggestive of the air pollution status and lack a scientific approach to assess the pollution - but still give an indication of the severity of the problem.

Tell me in the comments section which numbers you found the most absurd, happy to answer if there is any query as well.

Comment and let me know which place would you like to find out the AQI of next and our team will do our best to get the stats for you!

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