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Questions we get about being the world’s first smart plant-based air purifier

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Astounded by the features provided by our one of a kind product, many questions are thrown our way challenging the method and the science behind the same. Let’s get to the bottom of it!

Ubreathe Mini
Ubreathe Mini

Q1. Are you really The World’s first plant-based air purifier?

Answer – The answer to this is a hard yes! We have managed to use nature based technology to purify the air indoors with ‘Breathing Roots’ Technology. This helps to boost the phytoremediation process with the help of an axial fan. We have borrowed the concept from nature inspired fluid flow physics and combined it with innovative technology to ensure enhanced air #wellness inside your room.

Q2. Are the company and product truly Indian?

Answer – Absolutely! We are based in India with an aim to resolve the matter of unclean air that us Indians are tired of dealing with.

Q3. How do we know Ubreathe life works?

Answer – Our products speak for themselves through Real Time AQI (Air Quality Index) tracking installed in each of them. The whole idea of the product is to minimize AQI level inside our rooms and breathe fresh, clean and healthy air.

Q4. What kind of technology does Ubreathe life use?

Answer – Ubreathe life uses its Breathing Roots Technology to amplify phytoremediation process with the help of an axial fan. The underlying idea is to expose increased volume of air at the soil – root zone, causing the root microbiomes to interact with more air and purify the same. We have successfully merged technology with nature by borrowing the latter’s inspired fluid flow physics and using the former to achieve enhanced air wellness inside your room. Air is ultimately purified by four stage air magnification and circulation around the plant organs.

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