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Understanding the Urban Munnar Effect by Urban Air Labs

Inspired by the hills.

Integrated indoors.

We’ve borrowed the concept from nature inspired fluid flow physics, and encapsulated it with innovative technology to ensure enhanced air wellness inside your home.

The Munnar effect as Urban Air Labs have christened it, is primarily a combination of two other phenomena –

  • the Falcon Effect

  • the Magneto Effect.

How it works: How the team at Urban Air Labs Defines it

Falcon Effect

The more air is pulled in, the more air it pulls in! The top part of uBreathe life has two pots positioned invertedly which is encircled by a ring called the Falcon ring. The design facilitates a unique air magnification process called the Falcon Effect.

A small fan attached to the Falcon ring sucks in air through a tiny inlet which in turn, as per law of thermo fluids, sticks to the surface creating a low-pressure zone. This leads to the formation of a high- pressure band right in the middle of the empty space of the Falcon ring. The moment this phenomenon takes place, high-density air from the middle is pushed towards the lower density area, creating a vacuum in the midst of the Falcon ring. This vacuum, in turn, pulls in more air from behind and throws it out. This is where the first layer of air magnification occurs.

Fascinating, isn’t it? But wait, that’s not all.

The air pulled in by the vacuum also enters through the small inlet, sticks to the surface and creates a low-pressure zone which further leads to a vacuum in the middle of the Falcon ring, and as a result even more air is pulled in to interact with the roots and be purified. This is the second layer of magnification.

Well, it doesn’t stop there either.

As air exits, a phenomenon called Vortex Shedding occurs at the tip of the ring that sucks in even more air from the surroundings, further adding to the already voluminous draft of wind. Here takes place the third layer of air magnification.

Magneto Effect

Attract more. Purify more.

Here comes the fourth layer of magnification. The Magneto is placed under the Plant Pot, forcing the air-flow to bend and follow a path close to the surface. This results in even more air being pulled in and boosting the purifying air and root interaction.

This is how the Falcon Effect and the Magneto Effect come together to facilitate the Munnar Effect.

It’s simple.

For air magnification, use dimples. Inspired by golf and tennis balls, the dimples surface of the pot makes air stick and accumulate, further magnifying air volumes and boosting purification. It’s the fifth layer of magnification.


We’re a restless lot. We don’t stop at good; we keep bettering it. uBreathe life is breathing proof. We didn’t stop at ‘Breathing Roots’ Technology. We kept on adding passionately – Munnar Effect, Falcon Effect, Magneto Effect, Dimpled Surface – to bestow uBreathe life with a purification power equal to that of over 500 plants.


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