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Buy Air Purifiers for Your Home Office Today!



Is uBreathe an air purifier or an air purifying planter?

uBreathe has various products. The uBreathe Life is an air purifier which you can keep at home for the purposes of cleaning the air and keeping it free of dust,  TVOCs, PM2.55, PM10, other pollutants &  allergens. The air purifier planter has the ability to clean the air as well as 20 plants would!


What does the plant in uBreathe air purifier do?

uBreathe's patented breathing roots technology enables the polluted air to pass through the soil and roots region of the plant. This further facilitates the cleaning of air and removing PM 10, PM 2.5 and TVOCs. The plant does majority of the cleaning!


Which pollutants and allergens does a uBreathe Air Purifier clean?

Our air purifier, the uBreathe Life, cleans the air to improve AQI by removing the entire spectrum of pollutants i.e., PM 10, PM 2.5, TVOCs,  Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide. The purifier also helps clean Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen dioxide and other nitrates.  


Why buy an air purifier from uBreathe? Why not buy an air purifying plant like a snake plant?

An air purifier from uBreathe cleans your space faster and more efficiently.  You would have to place 500 plants in a 350 sq. ft. room for the air to be cleaned with as much efficiency as a uBreathe Life air purifier. 

Or, you would have to place 20 plants on your desk to replace a uBreathe Mini Lite/Classic. 

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