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uBreathe Rain

A nature-inspired and HEPA-free , wall mounted, modular air purifier for a semi-open region having heavy population influx.

Natural Solution that works!

Modular, wall mounted and with no mechanical filters (HEPA-free) air purifier for a semi-open region with high population.

  • Utilizing bio-filter and Ionizer technology for complete purification of air

  • Water curtain running on self cleaning surface activated with UV-radiation

  • With an absorption rate of 6.9e-2 ug/s, with plant based absorption rate of 0.025 ug/s (35% of total), and aqua filter absorption of 0.04 ug/s (60% of total)

  • One module will have four inlets with uniform air flow rate

  • Plant based air purification will degrade hazardous concentrations of CO2

ubwall features.png

Rain Shower Technology

State-of-the-art filtration technology, sustainable air filtration with our new tech “Rain Shower Technology”

  • Inspired by the natural rains and its aftermath to improve the quality of air 

  • Designed for semi-open areas ranging from 500 sq. feet for a single module

  • A Modular design for customer-company synergy, providing complete flexibility for personalization

  • Eco-friendly and aesthetically designed

  • Smart Air-purifiers at your fingertips


uBreathe Lounge
@ IIT Ropar

IIT Ropar campus being situated in a region with very high cases of stubble burning; the air quality levels during winter remain 7-10x the healthy limits.

uBreathe-wall units were deployed to assess the air
quality issues through air quality audits, adopting preventive measures and installing air quality monitoring stations to analyze air pollution.

  • Average percentage drop in AQI between Outside & Breathing Lounge is more than 40%

  • The AQI plots clearly depicts that the pollution levels are higher when the temperature is comparatively lower (morning and evening) as compared to the afternoon

  • IIT Ropar Guest House is the apt location to conduct this study, keeping in mind all possible scenarios in semi-open areas, including mass gathering events, cooking, uncertain wind patterns, etc.

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