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uBreathe Mini Classic

Through our novel patent filed ‘Breathing Roots Technology’ and a stack of organic filter; the uBreathe Mini Classic can effectively improve the air-quality of an indoor space by removing particulate pollutants,

gaseous pollutants & biological pollutants.

To ensure the best results we recommend placing a UBreathe mini every 100ft²

New & Upgraded

Smart Natural Air Purifier!


An air purifier with the power of nature

For your home office, coffee table, office desk & more...


Image by Joshua Wilkinson
Fight Pollution

Removes particulate and gaseous pollutants from your indoors to give you purer and fresh air

Image by Brooke Cagle
More Productivity

Green is colour of productivity!

Green spaces also improve cognitive function and creativity as well as boost in mood & productivity

Breathe Better

Improves respiratory immunity by giving oxygen rich clean air

Image by christopher lemercier
Reduce allergy, headaches & dizziness

No more headaches and dizziness induced by ventilation problems, Combustion Products,  Organic Vapors and Bioaerosols 

Father and Son Taking a Nap
Sleep Better

Does not allow CO2 to build up in the room to give you a
perfect night's 

Happy Family
Live Better

Making an effort to improve indoor air quality helps you avoid asthma flare-ups and allergy symptoms and keep you breathing easy through the colder months






How does it work?

UB MINI BROCHURE FINAL   (Poster (Landscape))_edited.jpg

Breath of Fresh Air

"This is super cool. Natural and clean air, designed for me!"

- Sushant Singh, Manager OYO


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