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UNDP Accelerator for UBreathe. home air purifier that improves AQI in India: Innovative solutions for air pollution
Supported by birac Biotechnology Industry Ignite Innovate Incubate Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and KNOWLEDGE IP Knowl
Incubated at NEXUS, American Center -- a collaboration between the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi and ACIR to showcase the best of A
Product R&D Grant UBreathe by IIM Ahmedabad

A Natural Air Purifier
for your home & office

Real Birchwood Finish

Bio + UV Filtration

Real-time AQI monitoring

Recommended area - up to 250 sq.ft

Item Weight - 21 kg

Item Dimensions LxWxH - 14 x 14 x 29 inches

the power of technology,
the beauty of nature.

This Air Wellness System is a MUST-HAVE

for your home today!

Why uBreathe Life Air Purifier?

Absorbs Pollutants

VOC Removal

Increase O2

Low Maintenance

Mood Lighting

Cost Efficient

Covid Protection

Other Air Purifiers

May be

Indoor Plants

uBreathe Life


5-layer Filtration Process

Conceived with a bio + UV filtration process, its biological filtration covers the entire spectrum of indoor air quality by removing not only particulate pollution but also gaseous and biological contaminants, and improving the Oxygen levels and the AQI (Delhi NCR & other high pollution zones)

What happens inside the UBreathe Life home air purifier
What happens inside the uBreathe Life home air purifier


Breathing Roots Technology

UBreathe Life uses its 'Breathing Roots' Technology (Patent filed) to boost the phytoremediation with the help of a centrifugal fan. It facilitates an increase in the volume of air at the soil-root zone, enabling the root microbiomes to interact with more air keeping the air clean.


The Purification Power of over 500 plants

It’s like having a bit of Amazon Forest inside your home.  ‘Breathing Roots’ technology combined with our other proprietary innovations – Urban Munnar Effect, Falcon Effect, Magneto Effect, Dimpled Surface – bestow uBreathe Life with a purification power equal to that of over 500 plants.

What happens inside the UBreathe Life home air purifier

uBreathe Life customers breathe better now!

Testimonial and positive review for UBreathe Life home air purifier

The sustainable solution uBreathe have come

up with is the need of the hour for the pressing

issue of indoor air pollution in countries like

India, China, Korea, the UK etc.

Dr Rajeev Ahuja
Director, IIT Ropar


Image by Joshua Wilkinson
Fight Pollution

Removes particulate and gaseous pollutants from your indoors to give you purer and fresh air

Image by Brooke Cagle
More Productivity

Green is colour of productivity!

Green spaces also improve cognitive function and creativity as well as boost in mood & productivity

Breathe Better

Improves respiratory immunity by giving oxygen rich clean air

Image by christopher lemercier
Reduce allergy, headaches & dizziness

No more headaches and dizziness induced by ventilation problems, Combustion Products,  Organic Vapors and Bioaerosols 

Father and Son Taking a Nap
Sleep Better

Does not allow CO2 to build up in the room to give you a perfect night's sleep 

Happy Family
Live Better

Making an effort to improve indoor air quality helps you avoid asthma flare-ups and allergy symptoms and keep you breathing easy through the colder months

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