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AQI at Hazardous Levels in New Delhi

Think of air quality index as a weighing machine. If you weigh more than 30, you're not at the 'healthy' level. Just imagine weighing 60x more! We're at a 600+ level of AQI in Delhi right now - which means that each of us will get impacted. The impact can be low or extremely high, depending on your immunity, where you live and how you tackle indoor pollution.

According to research, when analyzing air pollutants manually, both spectrometry (absorption spectrophAotometry, atomic absorption spectrometry, and ICP emission method), which is widely used, and chromatography (gas chromatography and liquid chromatography) is used as well.

An AQI monitor will assess the air around you based on factors such as the ones mentioned below.

EPA establishes an AQI for five major air pollutants regulated by the Clean Air Act. Each of these pollutants has a national air quality standard set by EPA to protect public health:
  • ground-level ozone

  • particle pollution (also known as particulate matter, including PM2.5 and PM10)

  • carbon monoxide

  • sulfur dioxide

  • nitrogen dioxide

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You can give yourself a sense of respite with our desk plant-based air-purifier 'Ubreathe Mini'. While using ‘Breathing Roots Technology’, the Ubreathe Mini eradicates particulate pollutants, gaseous pollutants and biological pollutants, making it possible for us to breathe clean air indoors.

Here's how the Ubreathe Mini can improve your overall wellbeing in un-breathable conditions:

1. It protects cognitive function with better airflow and fewer toxins.

2. It improves productivity by letting you breathe cleaner air

3. It protects us from the risk of respiratory diseases and disorders.

You can have a look at more of our products here.

You can also apply with us to have an air quality audit done for your home - where we assess the quality of your home indoors and help you figure out ways in which you can have a cleaner home.

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