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Clean Air Revolution: Eco-friendly and Sustainable Air Purifiers

We've finally come to a point where we identify that air pollution is a problem! However, we must look for solutions that don't further increase the intensity of air pollution in India - which can be done through sustainable solutions. The use of HEPA filters in air purifiers in the past (and in the present) has led to another addition to our landfills. A more sustainable air purification solution? uBreathe. This company makes purifiers that function by mimicking nature's air purification or air cleaning mechanisms. Here's everything you need to know!

Need of the Hour: Invest in your Health!

  • With the growing concerns regarding air quality, researchers have suggested mobile and immobile air purifiers to improve air quality in urban environments.

  • Considering the environmental health, air purifiers that are effective and ensure sustainability such as uBreathe Air Purifiers are highly recommended.

  • Air purifiers are very effective for a better indoor AQI; however, traditional air purifiers can harm environmental health.

  • This can be due to the waste generated by the filters and higher energy consumption.

  • The manufacturing, utilization, and disposal of air purifiers and the pollutants accumulated in the filters can potentially lead to greenhouse gas emissions.

Given these circumstances, the current necessity is a

"Sustainable Air Purifier"

Why uBreathe Air Purifiers?

Patented Breathing Roots technology (Tested at IIT Ropar)

ubreathe team at IIT Ropar

Utilizing the goodness of nature, "Breathing Roots" technology enhances the inherent powers of plants to purify the air. The general term for this process is phytoremediation.

A centrifugal fan is used to increase phytoremediation making it easier for the air at the soil-root zone to rise and allowing the root microbes to interact with and clean more air.

"The technology works through the air-purifying natural leafy plant. The room-air interacts with leaves and goes to the soil-root zone where maximum pollutants are purified. The novel technology used in this product is ‘Urban Munnar Effect’ along with patent pending “Breathing Roots” to exponentially amplify the phytoremediation process of the plants. Phytoremediation is a process by which plants effectively remove pollutants from the air." - Press Information Bureau, Chandigarh

Organic Pre-filter

uBreathe mini lite and mini classic use renewable and natural materials to filter the impure air so there's no hassle to change mechanical filters. The green technology of uBreathe consumes minimum power and biophilic attributes reconnect users with mother nature.

Minimal Carbon Footprint 

Its 360-degree air wellness solution focuses not only on PM2.5 but also, on TVOC control, HCHO absorption, managing indoor CO2 concentration, and other biological contaminations. Its eco-friendly, sustainable, and energy-efficient approach helps in reducing carbon emissions.

Aesthetically Pleasing

It can be considered a stylish addition to your home, workspace, coffee table, etc. Unlike several other air purifiers, uBreathe air purifiers are very aesthetic. uBreathe air purifiers come with a plant and have a gentle mood light that instantly embellishes your space with its subtle detailing.

uBreathe at home - air purifier in Gurgaon
uBreathe means a healthier home

Clean air is a crucial component of a healthy life. With the growing pollution and the deteriorating AQI, the risk of people, especially in urban areas and metropolitan cities getting affected by severe diseases increases.

Particulate matter contains tiny liquid or solid droplets that are easily inhaled. In addition to damaging the lungs, these microscopic particles can enter the bloodstream and have damaging effects elsewhere in the body, including the brain.

Pollutants increase the amount of sunlight reaching the earth. Warmer climates increase the spread of diseases ultimately resulting in "Epidemics".

Therefore, we can't brush off this very menace. Switching to a sustainable yet efficient air purifier is a current necessity.

Improved Indoor Air Quality + Sustainable Environment

uBreathe is the Perfect Choice!

We at uBreathe promise better indoor air quality without any possible threat to the environment. Effective and sustainable- uBreathe Air Purifier!


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