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How Ubreathe is changing the way offices breathe

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Customer experience is not a new thing. A lot of companies have accepted that customer is the king and substantial work has been done towards a great customer experience. Each interaction of ours with a company results in either good or bad customer experience. A rude flight attendant, a jammed printer, a cold food delivered are examples of bad experience whereas faster than expected delivery, a responsive customer care are examples of good experience. However, last few years have seen the emergence of employee experience which essentially shapes how good or bad the company performs. The employee experience constitutes every employee’s interaction with the organization. It starts with how they first find and apply for a job at the company and ends with how they leave and includes everything in between. But does that not include the desk they sit at or the air they breathe in? It does and that is why it is important for the employers to ensure that their young millennial employees get a beautiful desk and breathable air. The problem that plagues India, especially Delhi NCR today is the substandard air we have around us. Let’s dive deep to understand what the core problem is and how Ubreathe is trying to solve it.

What is Air Quality and how bad it really is!?

There is a lot of hue and cry about how bad the air has become and how India tops the chart whenever a list of polluted cities comes out but there is rarely any information about what we should do or what the government is doing to make things better. As the air quality keeps deteriorating day after another, we keep shifting to run from the problem rather than solving it. We cut down on time outdoors and spend most of our time indoors and use air purifiers to clean the air - but is it really safe inside? As a matter of fact, the air quality indoors is as bad as outside, with a little regulated PM particles but twice as high VOCs, bio-aerosols and CO2. While the electro-mechanical air purifiers filter the PM particles, the other particles remain untouched.

Comparing Pollution with Cigarettes

Let’s try to understand how bad the pollution really is by comparing it to something that we all know about — Cigarettes. Surprisingly, there is an entire app dedicated to show how many cigarettes you will smoke with such air quality and it says a day in Delhi is equivalent to smoking 14 cigarettes a day, that, when you don’t smoke at all…

So why not solve the problem for places where you spend most of your time, your workstation and your home. With this motivation, Ubreathe tackles the air quality problem with its unique concept that brings in nature, engineering and design to provide you with fresh air. Ubreathe uses natural air purifying plants to actively absorb the pollutants & VOCs and releases fresh air in the room. Ubreathe also increases the O2 levels in the room while reducing the CO2. Our lab results have indicated that sitting near a Ubreathe for 8 hours a day cuts the number of cigarettes by almost 60%.

Nature and the Millennial

If you open your Instagram and look at the posts, you will see that more than 80% of the photos posted by your friends have some form of greenery in it. We do it because that’s what we as urban citizens need. We Urban Millennial have this urge to go back to the nature because we are spending longer hours in the office and longer commute times, we’re spending more time than ever before indoors and away from the natural world. We miss out on the essential psychological and physiological benefit that nature offers. We need some form of nature to be around because we crave connections with it, thanks to our evolution. Having some other form of life around us provides numerous benefits like improved health, increased mood and feeling of well-being, improved productivity and reduced stress levels. A Harvard University paper last year found that the cognitive performance of “green” office workers was double that of those working in conventional environments. Studies have shown that plants in the office space increase productivity by 20–45%.

Ubreathe at GoHive

Ubreathe has partnered with GoHive to take the first step towards bringing green nature of the office desk and to combine it with superior design to enhance the benefits nature can bring in the lives of the employees who work day in and out in offices. Since the inception of our partnership, a substantial number of employees have said they feel relaxed around Ubreathe and forget about the severe quality of air outdoors. Stress is another silent killer and it goes undetected unlike other ailments. Ubreathe has proved to alleviate the stress by putting a few plants to care for on your desk. Plants on your desk can go a long way in managing work-related stress. In fact, seeing the plant grow every day and caring for it acts as a great stress buster. We have been told by the employees how they feel less worried about the work on their seats now. Some of them even changed their seats to sit near the Ubreathe. The millennial are overwhelmed by the fact that GoHive has provided them beautiful office with solution to problem that are the most difficult to solve for them.

Beautiful desk makes the work easy

It is not just that Ubreathe gives the millennial a vicinity to nature and a fresh oxygen rich air to breathe, we Urban Citizens also need beautiful spaces near us for better productivity and those big giant noisy fan metal boxes claiming to clean the air are not beautiful, are they? Millennial are entering the workforce at a rapid pace convinced by the idea that every office should look like an open hierarchy free space with beautiful interior and an opportunity for collaboration. Entrepreneurs like Mishu Ahluwalia have begun the trend of an open environment and delightful furniture to make the workspace look beautiful with a strong focus on interior design. But what else can we do to make your personal space beautiful?

Ubreathe has a stunning design and a beautiful handcrafted body which makes it a treat to the eyes. It brings another form of life to your desk where everything otherwise is artificial and made up of plastic. It is a proven fact that beautiful plants offer a visually meditative effect to your workspace, leading to happier and healthier life to make you more productive. These happy faces are what give us the motivation in the quest of making the world a better place to live, one breath at a time.

With all of these aspects in place, Ubreathe makes workplaces ready to produce excellent results when it comes to productivity and morale. Ubreathe helps the office set up in a manner that promotes efficiency and comfort and it is also tailored to boost employee health and well-being at the same time. Ubreathe was conceptualized with the idea of solving the problem using nature with engineering instead of just putting a mask on it and placing it on the employees’ desks Is the first step towards a better quality of life.

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