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How to make your office a better place to work?

First thing first, understand why people even go to the office, especially now -

(a) Better productivity and improved learning

(b) Feeding from the energy of the environment

(c) Focus, attention and single minded towards the task at hand

(d) To create value (however small or big)

(e) And to enjoy and have fun while doing the above!

What people DON’T GO offices for -

(a) To sit in a cramped space for the entire day

(b) To stare at wall-paints, concrete and fake plastic plants

(c) To get negatively impacted by the office physical and psychological environment

Top learning from my experience -

Spending on ‘THINGS’ that are aligned with the reasons people go to work for, are not expense but rather investment.

Go get that coffee maker in, get those plants set up, get those glaring lights fixed up that cause headaches, get that air quality audit done, and more!

Do add to the list if I missed key pointers.

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