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Intern speaks - Shubham

2020 came as a shock for me, or to say for everyone. It shook the whole world. Countries went to lockdown, people were shut in their home, some lost their jobs and some their lives. For us as students we lost our freedom, our peace of mind (after months of lockdown) and our sense of work ethics. No one thought that there will be another pandemic after the influenza pandemic in 1920s. But world follows no rules and here we are stuck in a pandemic, not being able to do our favourite activities or even meet our loved ones. But 2020 wasn’t all bad, it taught us many things, how be with family, how to spend time efficiently and not to mention it gave us opportunities to learn different things.

Learnings from 2020

While coming to home from college we did not imagine we would stay at home for more than a week. I just came home with one book and couple of clothes. And when the lockdown happened no one was happier than me. I was on cloud 9, no college, no studying, no nothing just sit at home and relax. But instead of relaxing I decided to get involved in little hobbies such as baking, cooking, and cleaning around the house, babysitting and even learning programming language. Of course along with all of this we were also following what our Honourable prime minister was asking us to do, be it little tasks or following instructions to stop the spread of Corona. Then restrictions lifted and we got back into college mode but we were not in college exactly so managing family time and work got difficult all of a sudden. Slowly and surely I learnt how to be with my little niece who was always stuck to me like I was her mother and taking classes and doing my assignments.

We as a community also learnt that we were not ready for a pandemic and a lockdown. If we look, our GDP fell, poverty increased, companies got shut down, people lost their jobs, and people didn’t have food to eat. Our community failed but our dying mother earth showed signs of improvement little by little. One major event that became possible due to lockdown was reduction of air pollution. Since no factories no companies were working it was visible through our eyes how much the pollution reduced and I could not have asked for anything better.

Look up to in 2021 2021 is sure to bring major changes in life for me. I have landed an intern at Ubreathe and this gave me many different opportunities. Whether it is finally being able to go out of the house or to be jumping into adulthood and working for a company. A change from a student to an employee is surely going to be difficult, I would have to leave some traits of students while working on grasping knowledge as someone working in business sector. I look up to working at a place which will allow me to shape my life. This is when I will decide if I want to work in business field or switch to something else. This is the year when I will be in the final year of my college and this is the year when I take a leap into real adulthood. It’s like the saying from Neil Armstrong, “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” just like that this small step is what will the giant leap for my future and I look forward to the upcoming year. --

Shubham Sharma NIT Kurukshetra

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