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To Plant or Not to Plant?

Since long, it has been a tradition of mine to take some time off leaving all the hustle of work, fast moving environment of city, every quarter and go spend some time in woods, hills, beaches with a common purpose of spending some good time (as a part of self-care/healing) in a calm, clean environment and, rejuvenate before beginning another chapter. This approach has taken me to few quite beautiful places like Hampi, Dawki, Punakha, Rishikesh etc

There are various factors that contribute to the rejuvenation magic of these places, peaceful surroundings, being close to nature and the aura it creates of calmness. The thought was always to replicate a similar aura around my daily surroundings which is always concerning due to air quality of cities, infrastructure of the dwellings lacking natural components in their plans.

In a bid to experiment to bring nature around my surroundings, I got introduced to Ubreathe by my close friend which not only brings the construct of taking you close to nature but also helps create the blanket of clear air around an individual. The importance/impact of having such an environment is realized more in times of long working from home setup amidst the pandemic. It has not only served the purpose of creating the “aura” but has also indulged my interest in the maintenance of the plant and has brought a lot of behavioural change required to take care of a plant.

This has led to the plantation of 3 more plants with a creative twist and the time spent in the surrounding of these plants is solidifying the belief of capability of plants to create a rejuvenating environment. I thank the Ubreathe team for helping in my efforts to bring nature close to me and in my strive to create my personal blanket of clean air in this city with not so pleasant air quality.


Saurabh Kushwaha Program Manager, EXL Services

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Ubreathe is a product developed by Urban Air Labs (UAL) for home and office users. UAL products and solutions are designed & manufactured in India.


UAL is an innovation focused enterprise that develops products and services to solve the air quality crisis in cities and buildings. We are a dynamic team with  IIT, IIM, Oxford, Harvard & MIT alumni at the helm. 


UAL has a vision to create a future where everyone has means to maintain healthy and pure environments for the ​21st century. Our team is dedicated to develop unique solutions to solve indoor air quality challenge. We operate at the unique intersection of nature, design and engineering.

Ubreathe 1.0 - our first consumer product, was launched in 2018 and met with immense success. After extensive research and improvements in the efficacy, utility and design, we are launching the next generation improved and IoT enabled Ubreathe X.

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