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Top 3 questions I get asked every October

Recently I compiled the top 3 questions I was asked by my friends about the air pollution problem. Not surprised to see that the questions remained the same around Diwali this year too. As the air quality sets to plummet even further, I got asked -

1) I should be fine if I don’t go outside?

- Most of us subconsciously feel that indoors are much safer. In reality, indoor air quality most of the time is more unhealthy. Confined spaces promote the build up of contaminants. While outside we mostly have PM2.5 but inside we have PM2.5, toxic gases, ventilation, humidity & oxygen levels to worry about.

2) I woke up with black smog inside my room! What to do?

- TBH, I feel a little happy when I hear friends start discussing the importance of healthy air. First step is to estimate the risk based on your pre-condition, location and lifestyle. If the risk is high, one should start actively managing the air quality with all the measures taken.

3) Crackers or no crackers? Does it make any difference?

- It deteriorates the city's air quality rapidly. The next morning to Diwali is as bad as it gets.

In general sense, if we ignore the impact we have through our actions then we might not have a very long time left here. We need to own our actions & stop blaming others for their (in)actions. Saying no to crackers is a start!

These responses aren't thorough & lack context, but I ll be happy to connect & share my experience if it helps :)

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