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Our Sustainability Journey: uBreathe Impact Index for Air Pollution in India

Updated: Jul 6

In a world where the air we breathe is increasingly under threat, uBreathe has taken up the cause to fight against air pollution and ensure the availability of fresh, clean air for all. Five years ago, we embarked on this mission and today, we mark a significant step in our journey with the introduction of the uBreathe Impact Index in the domain of air pollution in India!

The uBreathe Impact Index is a robust metric assessing and evaluating uBreathe's influence on the environmental and social aspects of people's lives.

Ubreathe Impact Index

Why the uBreathe Impact Index for Air Pollution in India?

At Urban Air Labs, we care deeply about the positive impact we make in your life. It's not just about numbers; it's about helping you overcome challenges in a world where air pollution is increasing. Now, let's discuss the Index. It's more than just a measure for us; it's a tool to enhance our impact. It's about figuring out how we can bring about even more significant and positive changes in our lives.

What does it measure?

The index presently encompasses a range of social metrics, including the positive impact on users benefiting from improved air quality, the impact on employees of organizations actively engaged in uBreathe's air purification projects, social media followers expressing interest in our commitment to cleaner air, and the information sought by uBreathe's other contributors.

Ubreathe Impact Index Calculation

Social Media Followers

We're your go-to source for all things air-related on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No fluff, just the good stuff – think current stats on AQI, air pollution hacks, and the lowdown on how to combat rising air pollution.


Our beloved uBreathe users, nestled in the comfort of their homes or conquering tasks in their office spaces, whether they're snoozing like blissful babies or deep in thought – all of it happening amidst an atmosphere of nothing but pure, crisp air. This isn't some far-fetched dream; it's the very real and tangible magic that uBreathe weaves into our users' daily spaces.

uBreathe Subscribers

Brace yourself for a monthly rendezvous, right there in your inbox – a personalized hello that's not just a greeting but a ticket to the latest and greatest in the air quality universe. Wondering what's shaking in the air quality realm? We've got the scoop, breaking down whether it's a breeze or if you should raise an eyebrow. Get set for an inbox upgrade as refreshing as our indoor clean-air mission!

While not currently incorporated into the uBreathe Impact Index, pivotal environmental metrics hold a central role in advancing our overarching mission for reduction of air pollution in India. Beyond the environmental front, we are driven by a core principle—social equity.

We are committed to democratizing access to fresh air across all income groups, striving to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals, and fostering a future where clean air is a universal right, not a privilege.

uBreathe is not just about creating a cleaner environment; it's about fostering a community committed to sustainability.

You're not just connected; you're an integral part of a community actively shaping a future where the air we breathe is pure and revitalizing.

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