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UBreathe Recap 2023

Core UBreathe Team (L-R: Mr. Sanjay Maurya, Mr. Shubham Singh & Mr. Shubham Sahu)

As we approach the end of 2023, join us in this journey of resilience, innovation, and a shared vision for a future where clean air is a universal right.

Starting with innovation, UBreathe tackled community challenges in accessing clean indoor air amid rising pollution in India.

We introduced the UB Mini Lite, an affordable and effective air purifier planter designed for accessibility, aesthetics, and functionality.

Additionally, we introduced indoor Air Audits, offering comprehensive assessments to understand indoor environments better and deploy solutions effectively.

UBreathe for Community

Primary school students enjoy clean air.

The community we've built around UBreathe is like family to us. We believe in giving our best back to this beautiful community. Looking back, we partnered with a couple of primary schools in Chennai to tackle the air pollution challenges inside their classrooms. It's all about making a positive impact together.

UBreathe Customers & Testimonials

Ubreathe products are a perfect gifting option

We're overwhelmed by the love from our customers, supporters, and advocates – you're the heartbeat of UBreathe. Your stories fuel our commitment to innovation and inspire us to keep creating a positive difference.

Our UBreathe Mini Range, featuring the UB Mini Lite and UB Mini Classic, has achieved remarkable ratings on Amazon. UB Mini Lite received a perfect 5.0, while UB Mini Classic secured an impressive 4.5. These ratings affirm our commitment to delivering top-notch quality to the UBreathe community.

UBreathe Team at Events & Guest Sessions

Participating in diverse events and guest sessions is our way of sharing valuable insights with the community. It's like a knowledge giveaway – an opportunity for us to connect, learn, and collectively contribute to the well-being of all.

Ubreathe was featured on Shark Tank India and numerous news publications

In 2023, Ubreathe showcased its products on Shark Tank India, reaching a national audience. We garnered extensive media coverage throughout the year and were featured in various news publications. Our innovative technology and eco-friendly approach also earned us a spot in Project Amplify, a collaborative effort by Microsoft and Accenture that spotlights social impact startups in South Asia.

More highlights of UBreathe' 2023

Top: UBreathe raised its first fund, iHub AWaDH IIT Ropar.

Bottom: UBreathe celebrates five years of being part of Nexus Incubator

We share our sincere appreciation to iHub - AWaDH IIT Ropar and Nexus Incubator at the American Center New Delhi for their consistent trust and support in UBreathe. Your partnership has been instrumental in our success, and we eagerly anticipate your continued support as we navigate the path towards a timeless future.

Plan for 2024

We aspire to build upon the successes of 2023, fostering further growth, innovation, and impactful solutions. Anticipate new product launches, enhanced community engagement, and a continued commitment to delivering top-tier air wellness solutions.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Your belief in UBreathe products pushed us to deliver exceptional results & strive harder in the upcoming years.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year 2024!

Much love,

UBreathe Team

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