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This weekend, take out a little time for yourselves and break the weekly monotony. Find out how!

1. Yoga – Release those stubborn back muscle knots with yoga. Yoga makes sure our muscles get the required circulation, movement and stretching. The right poses could help relax and strengthen the body.

2. Short weekend hike - Taking a short hike in the nature can boost happiness and keep our minds calm. Living in the digital world, we are bound to experience burden at our workspace. Nature doesn’t only pump endorphins, but also increases our creativity which is imperative for our productivity.

3. A fun workout – Physical activity through a fun workout like Zumba, aerobics, kick boxing etc. can keep us fit and healthy while taking care of our adrenaline rush.

4. Deep meditation – Indulging into a guided meditation can help us increase self-awareness and reduce negative emotions. It can help destress and focus on the present.

5.Gardening – It provides a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of self-satisfaction. It helps in increasing our intake of oxygen . Planting trees and various species of plants contributes towards a holistic growth in environment, balancing the eco-system. Gardening increases our exposure to the sunlight, acting as an aid to obtaining Vitamin D that sitting indoors doesn’t provide.

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