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Why we need to pay More Attention to the Office Conference Room

The objective of a meeting room is to bring people together to brainstorm and take critical decisions.

With the addition of great table & chairs, anti glare lights, smart tv & conference tools, most of the physical aspects are covered, however, one of the most fundamental aspects is often overlooked. The quality of air.

In metro cities, offices anyway have a challenge of handling outside pollution but for a meeting room, when you bring 6-8 people in a small confined room, the CO2 concentration inside the room increases drastically. Since most of the centralized air conditioners don’t have dynamic settings for fresh air intake, the CO2 concentration increases upto 4 times in a matter of minutes. Such an environment is not at all suitable for cognitive activities.

Indoor Air Quality | Is it effecting our meetings? | Remark Group
Indoor Air Quality | Is it effecting our meetings? | Remark Group

This results in people sipping onto water more often, yawning every minute or even stepping out multiple times in just 40-50 minutes of meeting. This is still all fine until you realize that close to 90% of the meeting room time is actually not suitable for brainstorming.

With a growing concern over revitalization of workplaces in on-going pandemic, the importance of having a safe air quality can not be ignored. Be vigilant and take things in control!

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