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  • Ubreathe life harness the natural air purification method of plant supplemented with laws of physics. It's much more effective with a 5-layer filtration process. Ub life boost phytoremediation of the air purification happening through phytoremediation process of plants. Purification happens mostly in the soil-root zone(85%) & some in the leaves(15%).
  • The process of phytoremediation is boosted by increasing the volume of air that the plant mircobiome gets to interact. Through our patent pending urban munnar & breathing roots technology, ubreathe life can effectively improve indoor air quality by removing particulate, gaseous and biological contaminants by the means of exponentially amplified purification through specific plants uv filtration and stack of pre-filter, charcoal filter and hepa filter
  • 360° clean air supply, ideal for area upto 250 sqft, number of speed setting - 3, air flow level - 400 cmh
  • UNDP accelerator labs awarded the prestigious winner of innovative solutions for air pollution
  • Package Content: 1 Room air purifier; Color: Birch wood

UBreathe Life

SKU: 50
₹47,199.00 Regular Price
₹39,999.00Sale Price
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