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How Desk Air Purifiers Work

Experiencing fatigue in the middle of the day, even after sleeping enough? Ever wondered the quality of air that you are breathing might be the reason for it.  Indoor air can also have a surprising amount of pollutants which leads to several health related issues like headaches, fatigue, and even allergies.

But don't worry! Here at uBreathe, we offer a transformative technology that  cleans your air and  brings a touch of nature to your workspace as well: the uBreathe Mini Life and Mini Classic air purifiers

uBreathe Mini Lite on the work desk
uBreathe Mini Lite

Tiny Plants, Big Impact: The Power of Phytoremediation

  • When the traditional air purifiers  rely on replaceable filters, uBreathe Mini Lite and Classic are different , they work on natural phenomenon called phytoremediation. This process unlocks the ability of plants to absorb and break down pollutants in the air.

  • Mini models of uBreathe comes with a specially selected plant (Snake plants, Money plant, Palm etc) specifically chosen for its air-purifying capabilities.

  • These plants act as living biofilters, drawing in polluted air through their leaves and roots. 

  • Inside the plant, pollutants like Formaldehyde, Benzene, TVOCs and PM2.5 are broken down into harmless substances that are either absorbed by the plant for growth or released back into the air as clean oxygen

uBreathe Mini Classic on the table.
uBreathe Mini Classic on the table.

A Perfect Fit for Your Desk:  

The uBreathe Mini Life and Classic are designed for seamless integration into your workspace. Here's what makes them ideal for your desk:

  • Measuring just [6.5 x 7.5 inches], both models occupy minimal space, leaving ample room for your work essentials.

  • The purifiers produce minimal noise which makes your work environment peaceful and calm.

  • uBreathe Mini air purifiers are designed for low energy consumption, keeping your energy bills down while keeping your air clean.

uBreathe mini classic working mechanism
uBreathe mini classic working mechanism

While both uBreathe Mini Lite and Classic offer powerful phytoremediation, the Mini Lite has an additional feature.

uBreathe Mini Lite with mood light.
uBreathe Mini Lite with mood light.

  • The uBreathe Mini Lite features an integrated on/off ambient light at the bottom of the unit.

  • This soft light can create a calming atmosphere at your desk, promoting relaxation and focus while enhancing the overall aesthetics.


Choosing the Right uBreathe Mini for You:

uBreathe Mini Classic: Ideal for those who prioritize powerful air purification with a focus on functionality.

uBreathe Mini Lite:  Perfect for individuals seeking the added benefit of a mood-boosting light and a touch of nature on their desk.

These plant-powered air purifiers deliver clean air and a touch of nature to your desk. Visit our website today to explore the uBreathe Mini range and discover how a plant can transform your workspace into a clean air haven!

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