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My adventure lately at uBreathe: A journey of exploration

From the moment I received my uBreathe warmly welcomed email, I trusted that my

journey here would be stuffed with stories to pen, experiences to share, and lessons to


teamwork at uBreathe

I am extremely happy to write about my incredible journey at uBreathe, a pioneering

startup that is creating waves in the field of indoor air quality improvement with their

revolutionary plant-based air purifiers. I joined this organization as a product development

associate intern a month ago, and it has been an intriguing and transformational experience

for me.

As a final year mechanical engineering student at NIT Jamshedpur, I was eager to apply my

academic expertise and creative abilities to real-world challenges. uBreathe offered me the

perfect platform to do all of this while contributing to a cause that aligns with my passion

for sustainability and adopting natural solutions.

uBreathe air purifier natural in India team

From the moment I stepped into the lively atmosphere of uBreathe's workspace, filled with greenery and plants that I love the most, I was welcomed with warmth and excitement by the enthusiastic and dedicated Aircrew. Despite being an intern, I was treated as a valued

member, and my opinions and ideas were always encouraged and respected. I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in a number of aspects of uBreathe's operations over the last month, involving product development and testing, consulting and research. Every day brings me new challenges and learning opportunities, and I am constantly inspired by my teammates' passion and resourcefulness.

uBreathe air purifier natural in India team at tirthan

One area of my life that I value greatly is my love for travel, and I was quite excited about

the recent trip to Himachal with my colleagues. Exploring Tirthan's stunning landscapes with

my uBreathe family was a memory to last a lifetime. Not only did it provide an enjoyable

holiday from our packed work schedules, but it also developed a sense of camaraderie and

unity among us, thereby strengthening our team bonds.

Furthermore, being a part of a startup environment has taught me the dynamism and agility

required to thrive in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship. I have gathered great skills

about adaptability, troubleshooting, and collaboration, which I hope will help me in my

future endeavours.

uBreathe air purifier natural in India

As I look ahead to the course of my internship and beyond, I am driven to keep growing,

learning, and contributing to uBreathe's vision of building a healthier, more sustainable

world. I am grateful for the endorsement and supervision I have received thus far, and I am

excited to see what the future holds for the crew.

I end that I am grateful for being offered the opportunity to become a part of the uBreathe

Aircrew and for making every day an experience worth embarking on.

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