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A Week at uBreathe feat. B.School Marketing Intern

These past 6 days as a marketing intern have been like getting dropped into a knowledge pit, and trying to meet speed like a Guido in Cars! 

Image of Guido

I had just completed the first year of my MBA from GLIM, Chennai. And I left Chennai for Gurgaon, which is a +ve change for me. I joined uBreathe as a Marketing Intern for my summer internship. My brain feels like it just did three semesters' worth of learning in three days. Buckle up, because this internship is about to be a wild ride.

Animated image of Harshil in uBreathe who is a summer intern

I am about to learn from a marketing Yoda, like Mansi Mourya. She has been in the game longer than our favorite pair of ripped jeans. She's like a walking encyclopedia of marketing stuff, dropping knowledge bombs about digital media and blogs faster than you can say "hashtag." I am learning a lot from her about marketing, automation, industry standards and techniques, and yes jargon. 

Mansi as a mentor to harshil

But it's not all Jedi mind tricks! There's a whole squad of interns here too. But it's not all superheroes and grown-ups here. There are a bunch of other interns like me, some fresh who are already college students. We're a mini training army, learning the ropes and bouncing ideas off each other. It's pretty cool how even our generation's perspective develops new ways to spread the word about everything we discuss. Think of it as learning from Yoda and a wide-eyed Ewok – all under one roof!

Yoda as a marketing guru

The cool thing in this hot city is, that everyone's ideas are welcome. We learn from GenZ how they use memes to sell stuff while learning with old-school books! It's a win-win situation, kind of like the time, I convinced my parents that investing in mutual funds is a good idea.

The company has a team of masterminds from NITs and IITs, working on making these air purifiers worth every effort! They're developing to breathe cleaner air for the planet, Witnessing their passion reminds you that marketing isn't just about selling stuff, it's about making a positive impact. Our founder, Sanjay Maurya is from IIT Kanpur & FMS Delhi. He knows how we think as MBAs, and why we came here, he can relate to us! From social media slaying to stress-busting tricks, MBA ethics, and time-bending hacks, I'll be a marketing marvel in no time by working with him and his team!

Harshil and his colleague making a reel for marketing team
PS: This is Gurashish and I fighting for the spot in marketing reel!

I am excited about the learning curve that comes with a side of fun. I am ready to face challenges, make mistakes, and learn from them. I am dusting off my thinking cap and getting ready to learn from the best (and maybe make a few rookie mistakes along the way – that's how we grow, right?)

A struggling Intern.

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