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Today’s Feature, Wormrani!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Wormrani aka Vani Murthy is a proud homemaker who began composting outside of the home. She teamed up with a veteran gynecologist who was also an expert in solid waste management in Bengaluru. One of their famous projects was ‘wealth out of waste’ where they would collect bags filled with paper and plastic from every house and recycle those as they believed that they could save 17 trees with every one ton of paper recycled.

They expanded on the idea of composting by meeting Srinivasan in Vellore, who is an expert in solid waste management. They came back content with the idea in 2009 and formed a team of practitioners from different parts of Bengaluru.

Wormrani continues to walk the path of spreading awareness about segregating, composting, and sending it to recycling by involving more citizens of the city.

She aims for the citizens to take responsibility for the waste they generate by teaching them various methods of composting.

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