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Ubreathe at Jammu Start-Up Expo

"Sir, ye hmare school ke students hai inko acche se smjhaiye apne technology ke baare mei. In sab cheezon se hi bacchon ka interest bnega science ko acche se smjh ke isme aage jaane ke liye"

This request from several school teachers visiting the Jammu Start-up expo with their students made @Shubham Singh super happy. This showed their eagerness to provide their students with the maximum exposure to the advancement in science & technology so that these kids may develop their interest in science and, in the coming future, may lead India towards making it an innovation hub.

Ubreathe was invited to Jammu- Startup Expo organised by Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-IIIM Jammu to showcase our technology. It was a first-of-its-kind event organised in Jammu, and the excitement was purely evident in the organisers and locals.

Along with the innovation of sustainable technologies, Ubreathe aims to create a wave of awareness among the people about air-wellness and co-living with nature. Meeting these students at the event left us amazed to find them fully aware of air pollution, its problems and the role nature has in bringing down this air-quality crisis.

To tickle their brain cells, we asked these kids to try their hands on our technology and feel the air-flow pattern developed by our patented Urban Munnar Effect technology. For them, this was very cool technology straight out of some Sci-Fi movie! The team was delighted to answer their curious questions and see their jaw drop and eyes widen, knowing the application of the science they read in their textbooks.

Hopefully, we succeeded in igniting the minds of these intelligent kids with the practical application of science and their role in the future innovation journey of India.

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