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Ubreathe Vs Normal Air Purifier

Let’s start with the basics — What is an air purifier? An air purifier is a device that can improve the air quality from hazardous to good within a span of 1–2 hours.

Seems like a go to gadget for your health in this severely polluted city, right? The answer is both Yes and No. As the saying goes, ‘Every rose has its thorn’, Traditional electronic Air purifiers today come with silent downsides. The major downside to a traditional air purifier is that it emits ozone into the room while functioning. This could cause shortness of breath, coughing and chest tightness in some cases. HEPA filters used in most of the purifiers are unable to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as they simply are far smaller in size than what can be trapped. Some purifiers reduce its efficiency with every continued use. In addition to all of this, other minor downsides include high electricity bill, frequent & expensive maintenance.

So, is there any alternate to electronic air purifier available which does only air purification and nothing of other mischievousness stuff? Fortunately, we have an alternate to this — These are first ever bio-filtering based natural air purifier from Urban Air Labs. We call them Ubreathe Air Purifiers!

Let’s have a closer look how Ubreathe Air Purifier works — The innovative purifier is fabricated by combining three critical elements — Technology, Design and Nature. First, Ubreathe Purifiers collect the impure air from the surrounding. Carefully selected plants and a hybrid layer of filters work its magic on the air collected and finally Pure fresh air is then released into the room. Operating and maintaining Ubreathe air purifier is super convenient. It is both nature-friendly and cost-friendly.

We at Ubreathe believe that a problem which has arisen because of people losing touch with nature can not be solved by a mechanical or electrical device. And as more and more people are trying to bring themselves closer to nature, Ubreathe Air Purifier certainly is one gadget worth having in your living rooms. Even with so many advantages, Ubreathe Air Purifier is priced very modestly so that everyone can enjoy simple joys of breathing pure and clean air at homes.

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