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Ubreathe story covered by Yourstory : Mehnatkash | Ubreathe Plant Air Purifier

Yourstory team reached out to Ubreathe office to discuss the innovative work being done for the betterment of a larger crowd.

In this episode of Mehnatkash, Prateeksha Pandey brings to you the story of Urban Air Labs, a startup leverages technology to drive and innovate products and applications primarily focusing on urban-lifestyle needs. In addition to their natural plant-based air purifier, the startup has built a unique portfolio of innovative products to tackle and improve air quality challenges linked with urban lifestyle.

The essence of the story is that If you already have an air purifier at home, you would know the periodic hassles of changing filters. Exploring sustainable ways to treat air is an obvious next step!

Yourstory team - Research: Anuj Maurya Camera: Manoj Video Editor: Dhruv Sharma Creative Producer: Gaurav Joshi Anchor: Prateeksha Pandey

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