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Ubreathe visits IIT Kanpur as a Step Towards Combating Air Pollution

I had the privilege of visiting the National Aerosol Facility at IIT Kanpur and meeting the visionary behind it all, Dr Sachchida Nand Tripathi,a true pioneer in addressing the challenges of air pollution and climate change.

As I walked through the state-of-the-art laboratory for aerosol modelling and analysis, I couldn't help but be in awe of the ingenuity and innovation that had gone into creating such a unique facility.

Dr Tripathi's contributions to addressing the challenges of air pollution and climate change are ground-breaking. From developing low-cost sensor-based network technologies for urban air quality monitoring to coordinating the National Knowledge Network under the National Clean Air Program, his work is truly commendable.

As I sat down to discuss the research we are doing at Ubreathe in air-quality control through nature-based solutions, I could see the spark of interest and enthusiasm in his eyes for nature-inspired technologies. His expertise and insights in the field were truly enlightening, and left us feeling motivated and empowered to tackle the world's air pollution challenges with renewed vigour.

We are also thrilled to collaborate with Dr. Tripathi and benefit from his expertise as we optimize our technology for greater impact and effectiveness.

Thank you Dr. Trailokya Saud, PhD for taking us around the facility and giving us the detail of the instruments and ongoing research work.

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