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What is the Cost of Fresh Air to Breathe?

Let us talk about why we need fresh air, and what is the cost that we, as citizens of 21st Century India, must pay for it.

Air Pollution in India

Air pollution is a major problem that Indians are currently facing with the average AQI the capital being 250+. Recently we have observed a spike in air pollution due to temporary activities such as stubble burning in North India, firecrackers in Diwali, etc. NHRC has also highlighted these issues with the Central Government - as the AQI of some cities is not in control.

Diwali & Air Pollution

Why do we start caring about air pollution when it is at its peak, and when we are unable to breathe without a mask on? We must address the issue head-on not just at its peak, but take consistent measures all-round the year. Let's talk about the cost of fresh air to breathe in Delhi NCR which we are spending heaps on.

The Cost of Festivities: Issues Faced During Diwali

Air Pollution is the root cause of a lot of problems. It is a threat to both, climate and human and animal health. We celebrate Diwali with firecrackers and more, contributing to the already high levels of AQI in the country. The problem began when we started to associate Diwali with noise and glitter - when it is far away from that. Diwali was and is about light, celebration and togetherness.

Who doesn't need fresh air to breathe?

Studies show that a low AQI impacts our productivity which becomes a major factor for stress that we experience in our lives.

The air quality within an office can have significant impacts on employees’ cognitive function, including response times and ability to focus, and it may also affect their productivity, according to new research led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The Cost of Human Health

We do so much to improve our health. We usually miss out on the omnipresent element of air around us! The air quality around us determines the age of our lungs, which in turn, decides the fate of our health and body.

A high AQI can result in various diseases such as

  • Stress

  • Low productivity

  • Brain-Fog

  • Lung Cancer

  • Alzheimer's

  • Respiratory Disorders

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Long-Term Organ Damage

  • Heart Diseases

  • Birth defects

The Cost of Animal Safety

We have cited an article below which talks about the hazardous impacts of high AQI on our furry friends.

Studies have shown that pets and animals can be harmed by air pollution as well.
Studies have shown that pets and animals can be harmed by air pollution as well.

According to Studies have found dogs that lived in homes where outdoor pesticides were used had a 70 percent higher chance of developing lymphoma, and 33 percent of the dogs were diagnosed with canine malignant lymphoma, a form of cancer. Cats that lived in homes with a high concentration of household indoor air pollutants (second-hand smoke, cooking fumes, household chemicals) had a higher rate of respiratory disease such as feline asthma, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer

Solution to the Problem of Air Pollution

A GIF of a man sitting down asking "How do we fix this?"
Ubreathe creating solutions to the air pollution problem in India

So how do we create or recreate fresh air to breathe? It is quite simple! Here are suggestions to the changes in our lifestyle that can lead to good air quality:

  1. Using more of solar energy

  2. Reducing the use of natural gas

  3. Reduction in the usage of gasoline

  4. Increasing use of electric appliances that replace stoves or wood burners

Why should we use Air purifiers

Since we prefer spending more time inside our homes than being outside, using air purifiers can be beneficial in overcoming ind

oor air pollution. Using natural plant-based air purifiers like Ubreathe Life or Ubreathe Mini can even help eliminate stubborn pollutants. This is made possible with the help of ‘Breathing Roots Technology’ which can fight the air pollutants indoors to help us create and breathe fresh air.

A new WHO report on Air pollution and child health: Prescribing clean air examines the heavy toll of both ambient (outside) and household air pollution on the health of the world’s children, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. The report is being launched on the eve of WHO’s first ever Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health.

While we hover around the effects of indoor air pollution, it is important to note that around 93% of the world’s children less than the age of 15 years currently breathe air that poses a serious threat to their health and development. If they continue to live in high level of air pollution, then they might be at a risk of:

  1. Developing asthma while they grow

  2. Lungs ending up not working properly and Cough

  3. Being less productive & chronic stress

  4. Respiratory disorders

These problems might look small in the beginning. However, it could create problems for growing children. At Urban Air Labs, we have created Ubreathe Life and Ubreathe Mini to combat such issues. We can overcome these problems at a small cost of a good air purifier which gives us fresh air to breathe.

You can have a look at these air purifiers in Delhi NCR here:

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